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Top 7 Bathroom Flooring Options

Choosing bathroom flooring is much not the same as choosing floor in different components of the home.

After getting beyond the commonalities--strength, looks, cost--you need to face 1 variable that's seen in no other room irrespective of the cellar: massive levels of plain water.

Water is more predominant in toilets also it is going to begin to ruin the incorrect flooring. With that in thought, from best to worst, your Floor choices for your toilet:

1. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Porcelain tile would be the most useful of all worlds for bathroom floors--watertight, fashionable, and costeffective.

Such as rock, ceramic tile may attain a rich, textured, and solid impression. Like vinyl, it's watertight and can be quite cheap. Like hardwood floors, it seems excellent.

But in the event you select ceramic or ceramic tile? Is there actually a change?

Porcelain a section of this ceramic tile family together with just one slight difference: water absorption. The Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) recommends types of plastic as "ceramic" should they really have a water absorption rate of 0.5 percent or less.


As there are many diverse kinds of ceramic tiles, so you can cause the specific floor you desire. You may even come across ceramic tile that looks like stone or wood.

Individual Vinyl comes in several sizes between 4" x4" to 2' x2', as well as at a huge selection of shapes like octagonal and hexagonal. Granite mosaic tiles really are pre-mounted on vinyl mesh sheets, and therefore you don't need to separately set tile. With sour grout, it is more creative.

On top of that, tile cleans well and resists even position pools of water.


Like rock tile is cold (though glowing or heated tile can be found.

Tile might be slick. However, texturing solves this problem. Smaller tiles tend to be less slippery because longer grout can be used and also the grout functions as a non skid surface.

2. Vinyl: Sheet, Plank, or Tile

Overview: Reasonably excellent aesthetics, ultimate viability.

Vinyl has become typically the hottest alternative for bathroom flooring for a number of factors. Vinyl is greatly a doityourself endeavor (you may put in vinyl tiles at a weekend, readily). Plus you can find hundreds and hundreds of style choices.

Sheet vinyl floors can be the ideal option if extreme levels of water are anticipated, like in kids ' toilets or laundry rooms. Gappy and badly laid tiles are ground sufferers. Sheet vinyl might have merely zero tiles in a little bathroom.

Luxury vinyl plank floors comes from thin widths (roughly 5") and long spans (around 4-8").


Luxury vinyl plank is quite easy set up.


Sheet vinyl is problematic for your own doityourselfer to put in.

3. Natural Stone

Overview: Great option, but only in the event that you're able to spend it.

Additionally, there are not very many moisture difficulties using marble, granite, granite, lime stone, and also the other rock flooring choices. Stone is mid-level is the particular list and also maybe not towards the very best due to quite a few problems.

The initial one is the fact that it's cold. The 2nd difficulty: it has been slippery. This may be solved by using the rock textured by by simply purchasing naturally textured rock, such as background.

Nevertheless, the principal issue that brings this toilet flooring option down will be cost. Real-stone floors is far the costly flooring possibility.

4. Engineered Wood

Overview: a lot better than hardwood, thanks to engineered timber floor's dimensional equilibrium.

Engineered hardwood comes with a plywood base that supports against moisture. Also it appears terrific since the upper layer is wood.

In case you insist on natural timber at your bathrooms, engineered timber is your ideal option.

5. Laminate Flooring

Overview: Laminate will workin toilets in the event that you require precautions to safeguard the wood base.

Surprisingly, laminate floors is a much better bathroom floor choice compared to wood.

Laminate floors is not any further than resin-impregnated paper beneath a woodchip base. The outer lining of timber plank is truly a picture of walnut cherry, slate, marble, granite, or any different stone or wood.

Along with a crystal clear coating known as the wear coating, that is unbelievably powerful. DuPont RealTouch, '' for example, warrants the usage coating on its own lineup of laminate floors for 30 decades.

With tight tight seams between the boards, it's hard for moisture to work its way down.

Laminate is simple to wash, too. But laminate has that wood-chip base, and if it have been touch with moisture it's going to bubble and expand and the only real solution to repair it will be to rip out it.

Engineered hardwood floors is an indisputable fact which hasn't yet begun to fruition despite the fact that several manufacturers have really tried.

6. Solid Hardwood

A marginally superior bathroom floor choice compared to rug, solid hardwood seems amazing and feels warm.

But moisture kills hardwood. In the event that you need to possess solid hardwood on your bathroom, be sure that it is perfectly installed, without openings for moisture. This usually means hiring installersunless the daytime job is actually of a wood floor installer.

7. Carpet

Overview: Not a fantastic idea.

A horribly terrible selection for bathroom flooring. Dirt and carpets really do not mix. But in the event that you still will need to have carpets on the toilet, then be sure that the heap is low and that the material is 100% resistant (such as olefin).