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A Concise History of Indian Finance The Fund Was Getting grants Assistance to development and research associations. The loan includes a very simple rate of interest of 5 percent per annum. Using its pro-active stance the Board:


    Facilitates interaction between scientists, industry, technocrats and pros

    Fosters and innovation culture through contract and cooperative research between industry and associations

    supplies an interface with financial institutions and commercial banks such as leveraging capital

    Facilitates the introduction of new generation of entrepreneurs

    Assists partnerships along with other, similar tech funding bodies

    Provides vistas for entering suburban places

    Creates new project opportunities.


The TDB is the first Business of its kind Fund Act allowed deductions into the donations For building the Fund up, the amounts are blamed. The The board includes 11 Board members. The Board was reconstituted by the Government .


Offers loans or equity capital to Issues and Any Earnings from the recoveries as Well as investment of the amount of the Fund India from the Ranges from the Issues Beneath the Government frame of commercializing the fruit of research, with the objective. The Board plays with a role .